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Microsoft & MSP Charity /non profit webinar on Copilot

The webinar aimed to introduce charities and non-profits to Microsoft 365 Copilot, a powerful AI tool. It showcased how Copilot could enhance productivity and streamline operations for organisations in the charity sector. The key points covered were:

  1. Introduction to Microsoft 365 Copilot: The webinar highlighted Copilot as a next-generation AI tool within Microsoft 365, emphasising its potential to transform productivity in the modern workplace.

  2. Value Proposition for Charities and Non-profits: The case study emphasised Copilot's potential to provide operational assistance to budget-conscious charities and non-profits, underscoring its inclusion in Microsoft 365 licences. Copilot was shown to help organisations save time, complete tasks quicker, save money, conserve resources, and operate more efficiently.

  3. Specific Use Cases and Unique Benefits: The webinar delved into specific use cases of how charities utilise Copilot and explained the unique benefits it offers. Examples included improving fundraising efforts, preparing PowerPoint presentations in minutes, judging the mood of team meetings, highlighting key meeting takeaways, and summarising email inboxes.

  4. Improving Fundraising Efforts: The webinar demonstrated how Copilot can enhance fundraising efforts by streamlining communication, analysing donor data, and assisting in campaign management.

  5. PowerPoint Presentations in Minutes: Attendees learned how Copilot can swiftly prepare professional PowerPoint presentations, saving significant time and effort for charity staff.

  6. Analysing Team Meeting Moods and Takeaways: Copilot's ability to assess the mood of team meetings and identify key takeaways was showcased, enabling organisations to better understand team dynamics and extract valuable insights.

  7. Summarising Email Inboxes: Copilot's capability to summarise email inboxes was demonstrated, helping charity workers efficiently manage their email correspondence and prioritise tasks.

  8. Speakers: The webinar was hosted by Naveed Iqbal, a Microsoft Tech for Social Impact UK Ambassador, and Mark Kirby, Executive Director and IT Strategy Specialist at Intersys.

Overall, the case study demonstrated a strategic approach to introducing a new technology tool to the charity sector, addressing potential concerns, and showcasing practical applications to drive adoption and maximise value.


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