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Hello, I am Faye... I am not an Ai robot!

About Me: Faye Eldridge - Founder of FYAMI & Digital Marketing Specialist

Hello there! I'm Faye Eldridge, a passionate and driven Director with a knack for all things digital marketing, particularly in the exciting realms of technology and fintech. I focus on  helping sales directors and CEOs achieve their growth goals.  I've spent over 15 years working in marketing, demand generation and sales.

I'm a marketer; I'm a storyteller, a strategist, and a tech enthusiast...and I love football.

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working with a diverse array of companies, both big and small, across various continents. 

One of my greatest joys is blending the best of both worlds - leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology while embracing timeless traditional methods (like picking up the phone and speaking to people!) .  This fusion ensures that my clients not only attract customers but also build lasting relationships.

I have orchestrating successful global marketing campaigns  for SMEs and larger brand names such a Microsoft and Fortinet.

When I'm not helping businesses to get more leads and close more deals, you'll find me indulging in my love for acting, watching the football, travelling,  exploring new inventions, and whipping up a batch of cupcakes. 



Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) in Business Consultancy & Business Research Methods. Equipped me with advanced skills in strategic consulting and robust research methodologies.

MA Degree in Creative Economy (Business) with Film Making. Focused on blending creativity with business acumen, bridging the gap between innovation and strategy.

HE Certificate in Media Practice - Cinematography, Journalism, Writing

Nurtured my storytelling prowess, enabling me to communicate effectively through diverse mediums.


Strategic Marketing Strategy Certificate | Cambridge University

Recognition of my strategic prowess in crafting impactful marketing strategies that drive results.


Digital Media & Inbound Lead Generation | HubSpot Certificate

Mastery of modern digital tactics to attract and engage audiences, nurturing leads into valuable customers.

Microsoft Cloud Services Sales Specialist Certificate

Expertise in showcasing the value of Microsoft cloud solutions, empowering businesses to harness the power of the cloud.


Advanced Diploma in Criminology Level 4 | NCFE

Profound insights into cyber security, cybercrime, and cyber terrorism, enhancing my understanding of digital risk management.


Data Protection and Data Security (GDPR) – NCFE Level 2 Certificate | NESCOT Computing Higher Education

Mastery of data protection principles, ensuring ethical and compliant data management practices.


Technology Project Management Award | Skills and Education Group Awards

Proficiency in steering technology projects towards successful outcomes, combining innovation with effective project management.


Advanced Mentoring & Coaching Level 4 | The CPD Certification Service

Adept at fostering growth and empowerment through effective mentoring and coaching strategies.


CACHE Level 2 Health Sector Certificate

Insights into the health sector, underscoring my holistic approach to understanding diverse industries.


CACHE Level 2 Mental Health Certificate

A compassionate perspective on mental health, enhancing my ability to create inclusive and supportive environments.



  • Championed innovative lead generation strategies that exceeded targets, opening doors to C-level decision makers and amplifying sales pipelines.

  • Orchestrated GDPR-compliant marketing campaigns with sky-high engagement rates, reshaping email marketing practices.

  • Spearheaded the successful rebranding of fintech, propelling them into the spotlight of the payments landscape.

  • Acknowledged influencer in the groundbreaking first all female, FameLadySquad NFT project, an embodiment of my commitment to pioneering digital realms.

  • Empowered the next generation through successful mentorship, fostering career growth and development.

Let's connect.  I'm your dedicated partner in achieving success and making your marketing & sales dreams a reality.

The FYAMI difference: Empowering Your Business for Success in the Digital Age

Welcome to FYAMI, where innovation, expertise, and results converge to supercharge your business growth. Established in 2014 in Richmond Upon Thames, Greater London, and now based on Kingston, London, our journey began with a singular mission: to empower forward-thinking businesses with effective strategies in the ever-evolving digital landscape, alleviating the frustrations of outdated approaches.

Our Vision: A New Era of Business Success

Guided by the vision of Faye Eldridge, Managing Director of, our foundation is built upon a decade of understanding the challenges that business owners, CEOs, and Sales Directors face. Frustrated by ineffective methods, Faye set out to pioneer a better way—one that harnesses the power of technology while embracing time-tested strategies, simplifying the path to growth.

The FYAMI Approach: Blending Tradition and Innovation

At FYAMI, we transcend the traditional boundaries of a marketing company. We embody a complete sales cycle experience, allowing us to offer unique insights and comprehensive strategies to our clients. Our core focus centers on elevating your new business development and lead generation initiatives. We don't merely increase the quantity of leads and opportunities; we enhance their quality, translating into tangible sales growth.

Services That Transform: From Lead Generation to Sales Strategy

FYAMI is your comprehensive partner, offering an array of solutions tailored to your unique needs. From brand style ideas to sales strategy, lead generation to marketing campaigns, our services cover every facet of your growth journey. Our flexible pricing models, including commission-based lead generation and sales close rates, cater to your specific requirements.

Empower Your Business with FYAMI

If your goal is to amplify your business, secure more clients, and drive sales, FYAMI is your ally. Reach out to us today to explore how our holistic approach can propel your business to new heights. We offer not just solutions, but a transformative partnership committed to your success.

Get in touch and embark on your journey toward elevated business growth with FYAMI. Your success story begins here.

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The FYAMI Difference


If you are looking to get more business, more clients and more sales, talk to us.

We provide consultancy ‘day rate,’options, project packages, subscription services and standalone solutions that fit your needs. We also offer a commission based lead generatin and sales close rate pricing model.

We can also provide talented freelance marketing and sales professionals to your business.


The team behind FYAMI are diverse and have global business experience

We help with:

Brand style ideas

Fonts and typography

Logo and brand identity

Analytics and strategy

Marketing advice and strategy

Webinar strategy

Webinar sign ups

In person events

Exhibition design ideas and event marketing plans

Demand and lead generation strategy

Demand generation reports

Linkedin marketing

Social media and influencer marketing

Email marketing

Hubspot management &

Newsletter creation

Linkedin post creation

Video marketing

Marketing campaign strategy

Product launches

Go to market plans

Content strategy

Content writing – blogs

Article writing

Case studies

Whitepapers / ebooks

Sales strategy

Lead generation strategy

Commission only leads

Pay per opportunity – sales qualified leads