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Addressing the Top 4 Challenges in Tech & MSP Lead Generation:

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Our latest press release:

RICHMOND, U.K. - Aug. 31, 2023 - PRLog --, a pioneering sales and marketing business headquartered in Kingston, London, is proud to unveil two cutting-edge payment solutions designed to transform lead generation in the tech, SaaS, cyber, and MSP sectors. These options address the industry's most pressing challenges.

Founder and CEO of, Faye Eldridge, expressed excitement about these groundbreaking solutions, stating, "Our goal is to make it easy for businesses to gain leads and opportunities."

Addressing the Top 4 Challenges in Tech & MSP Lead Generation:

1. Targeting Complexity: The tech industry's diversity leads to challenges in identifying the right audience.'s approach offers pinpoint accuracy by narrowing down audiences and aligning leads with offerings, resulting in improved conversion rates and overall success.

2. Online Noise & Competition: Standing out amidst the digital noise is a struggle in the tech industry. fyami's solutions focus on delivering tailored messages that resonate with specific audiences, ensuring a meaningful impact.

3. Ongoing Costs, Little Results: fyami disrupts the cycle of ongoing costs and minimal ROI with two innovative payment options: "Cost per Sales Qualified Lead" and "Cost per Closed Deal." These approaches shift investment towards results-driven strategies, maximizing the value of each expenditure.

4. Decision-Maker Engagement: Engaging with C-level decision-makers is challenging in the tech sector. fyami leverages an extensive network built over years of industry experience to directly engage these key players, increasing the likelihood of successful conversions.

Introducing Two Game-Changing Payment Options:

1. Cost per Sales Qualified Lead (SQL):
This option focuses on investment in success, charging just 1% of the fee when a lead progresses to a sales-qualified status. This method optimizes conversion rates, streamlines the sales process, and enhances resource efficiency.

2. Cost per Closed Deal:
With this approach, clients only pay when a lead passed by results in a successful sale. This direct correlation between payment and results reduces risk and optimizes return on investment.

Why's Payment Options Are a Game-Changer:

Revolutionary Fee Structure: The options prioritize value-driven results, minimizing risk while maximizing ROI.
Qualified and Relevant Leads: Cost-per-SQL ensures investment in leads that have shown interest, enhancing conversion rates.

Direct ROI Correlation: The cost-per-closed-deal option aligns investment with revenue generation, reshaping ROI.
Transparency and Clarity: provides a clear visualization of potential earnings alongside fees, empowering informed decisions.

Redefine Your Sales Strategy Today:

By partnering with, businesses gain access to a wealth of lead generation experience backed by proven results. The company's proficiency in digital marketing, coupled with its ability to generate high-quality leads, paves the way for exponential growth in the tech and fintech sectors.

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Lead generation, sales support, tender support, Tech leads, demand generation, webinar drive, webinar promotion, webinar and event attendees, decision maker network, decision maker leads, lead nurturing. Lead generation in kingston, richmond, sw london, and globally to usa, emerging markets, middle east, uae, dubai... Products and solutions we help to sell and get leads for include: MSP solutions, tech companies, Saas Solutions, CRM, martech, cyber security, ransomware services, ethnical hacking services, Data solutions, disaster recovery, data back up, data breach remedy, data breach support, cyber security compliance, tech tools, fintech platforms, B2B, SME, larger brandnames. Proven lead generation and demand results for Fortinet and Microsoft. We get you more leads, more form fillers, more website traffic, more webinar and event attendees...

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