Our Mission

Our aim is to make sure that we ultimately get businesses more business in this tech led digital age.


At Fyami our team of driven and talented consultants specialise in full marketing and technology solutions for your business.  We believe that the most ambitious and successful businesses need both – Exceptional marketing and exceptional technology.

Who we work with

We work with ambitious starts ups, entrepreneurs, risk takers, idea-people, the people that want to change the world and SMEs across many industries including in technology, fintech and finance who are looking to grow their business in this current tech led digital age.

Our solutions and techniques aim to increase the number of opportunities and leads in your business, as well as the quality of these enquiries. We also understand that it’s important to retain clients, so as well as supporting lead generation, we also provide marketing, brand awareness and communication strategies to help retain clients.

What makes us different?

We aren’t just a marketing company or another one of those lead generation companies that doesn’t deliver you results. Fyami was set by Faye Eldridge who spent many years listening to the sales, marketing and tech challenges that CEOs, entrepreneurs, sole traders, business owners and other C-level executives faced. With this in mind, Faye decided to launch Fyami to enable businesses to overcome their challenges.

We take the time to listen, to understand you, your business, your goals and where you are trying to get to. We make recommendations that are tailored to you and your goals. We give authentic, up front and honest advice based on your goals. If we don’t think you should spend your marketing budget on sponsored ad campaigns then we will tell you. We will only do what we believe will make a difference to your end goal.

Our aim is to make you more successful. We care about your success. We want to be part of your success story.

The people we have in our team and the people we choose to partner with are a mixture of tenacious, driven young people and experts with 10+ years of business and tech experience. We believe in inspiring people to achieve more.

Our experience in lead generation and demand generation is vast and having worked with a number of professional firms in a range of industries, you can trust that Fyami will get you the results you want.  We understand what’s required when it comes to growing your business in this current technology led digital age and of course, we love martech. Martech can transform any business.

We believe in collaboration and sharing valuable knowledge to businesses to help them to achieve their sales and marketing goals. We believe in empowering people and teams with industry insight and solutions that have been tried and tested that we know work.

Technology and marketing go hand in hand to ensure business success, let Fyami help you to achieve your business growth goals.


Fyami Worldwide

As well as the UK, at Fyami, we also provide our effective marketing and technologies to firms and organisations on a global scale.

Fyami India
We reinforce a UK-India business partnership and aim to help companies across India to get UK recognition. We’re considered as a sales and marketing hub for businesses in the technology sector in India. We provide Indian firms with UK clients. We also provide Indian tech businesses with a UK based presence – More specifically a London based presence.

Fyami USA
Our close connections with the United States have allowed us to create strong partnerships. We provide our tech and marketing insight to firms in the USA. Our main area of specialism in the USA is in the technology sector with an emphasis on marketing American cloud solutions and cyber security solutions to a larger market. The team behind Fyami have also worked with and provided help to gas, energy and American travel companies. The Fyami director can usually be found in Florida every year!

Fyami UAE
Fyami works with businesses who are looking to increase their revenue who are based in the UAE. Businesses that we engage with in the UAE are often in the following sectors; real estate property, finance and business travel and tourism. If you are an entrepreneur and/or business in the UAE, including in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and you want to attract the UK market, speak to Fyami for the right strategy for you.

Why choose Fyami?

At Fyami our team of consultants specialise in full technology and marketing solutions for your business. We’re different from other agencies out there and our main aim is to support your business growth through providing a total solution. Through this we believe that we can support your business development through innovative techniques and solutions.

Our experience is vast and having worked with a number of professional firms in a range of industries, this means you can trust that you’re in the right hands. We understand what’s required when it comes to growing your business in the current technology and digital age.

Technology and marketing go hand in hand, let Fyami take care of your business solutions and take your company to the next level.