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“Every piece of technology a marketer uses to reach a potential customer is martech.”

At Fyami, our marketing consultants and marketing technologists, together with our partners provide insight and technology solutions to ambitious businesses in Richmond and the surrounding areas enabling them to achieve increased business growth. As advocates of Martech, whether you require Microsoft cloud services to be more productive, a new or improved lead optimised website, advice on which marketing automation system suits your business best or help with email marketing software, speak to us first.

Sales & Marketing software (Martech)

To run a successful digital marketing campaign you need MarTech

We have implemented and worked on marketing campaigns using HubSpot, Mailchimp, Google analytics, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure, Connectwise and Salesforce.

We offer consultancy and training on sales and marketing software.

Marketing Automation tools

We have implemented marketing automation techniques for our clients to run digital marketing campaigns that get results. You can find out more about our sales and marketing software solutions here.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) to increase business revenue

AI can be used to cleanse contact databases, for prospecting and to help with sales and marketing processes. With AI you can drive your sales team with AI powered leads.

IT Management

With our technology and compliance partners and advisory consultants, should you require an IT management solution for your business, Fyami will put you in touch with a suitable partner (MSP) to ensure that your technology runs smoothly. Our partners provide solutions such as 24/7 IT support, GDPR advisory, Cyber security consultancy, and Microsoft cloud services. We understand that your business technology is a large investment and we only recommend the partners who have trusted experience and over 98% client satisfaction scores.

Microsoft Office 365 and M365 for Business

M365 enables businesses to achieve the benefits of the ‘modern workplace.’ To deal with evolving business needs, distributed teams, and an increasingly complex threat environment, businesses must maintain a responsive, modern workplace. To be successful in this tech led digital age, productivity of company employees is key.

Microsoft solutions like Microsoft 365 enables marketing and sales teams to be more productive. We highly recommend it. Satya Nadella the CEO of Microsoft says, “productivity is the engine of human progress—it is what propels our society forward. The promise of technology is to help us get more done, with less effort.”

Should you be unsure of moving your business over to Office 365 or M365, we can demonstrate the benefits of working on this system and the available options before providing a smooth transition via one of our partners.

Microsoft Azure & Microsoft PowerBI

With Microsoft Azure you can engage with customers around the world with rich, personalised digital marketing experiences. Microsoft Azure gives you the ability to build and launch digital campaigns that automatically scale based on customer demand. With Azure data analytics you can analyse and improve campaign effectiveness.

Turn data into opportunity with Microsoft Power BI data visualization tools. Drive better business decisions by analysing your enterprise data for insights. Ideal for sales and marketing teams.

GDPR compliance & GDPR data protection and privacy support

We understand the challenges that sales and marketing professionals and teams are having with being GDPR compliant whilst achieving their sales and marketing goals. We have put in place tried and tested methods that increase the amount of leads into their business whilst being GDPR compliant. We aim to ensure that businesses see the GDPR as a positive thing in the digital economy and we implement successful GDPR compliant strategies that increase lead pipeline and sales. MarTech can be fully GDPR compliant.

GDPR affects every company, but the hardest hit will be those that hold and process large amounts of consumer data: Legal firms, finance firms, technology firms, marketers, and the data brokers who connect them.

Technology and digital transformation partnerships

We partner with digital technology providers and Managed service providers who have had many years experience in digital transformation, and IT support. Our partners have worked with SMEs and large brand names on websites, mobile app designs, ecommerce development and digital automation.  If you are looking for a technology partner for a one off project or ongoing support, contact us today.

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