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Using Social media successfully can improve business awareness whilst getting you more leads, more opportunities and more sales for your business. Social media enables you to tell your story, it provides a platform for promoting your business and it helps drive traffic to your website.

At Fyami our expertise in social media means we help you to stand out from the crowd and we build up your numbers of loyal social media followers on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. We have experience in growing followers by over 1,000%. We have enabled entrepreneurs and c-level executives to achieve the top 1% on LinkedIn.

We provide Twitter and Insta promos and shout outs. We have a network on influencers to increase engagement across different social media platforms.

Social Media Training

We provide social media training to business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, executives, business development managers and business teams whose aim it to get more engagement, more leads and more closed deals and customers. We offer in house training and training via online conferencing.

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