On-demand CMO/CTO Richmond, London

Marketing and Technology go hand in hand to ensure your business is a success.

The One Package™ bought to you by FYAMI, is a pay per month package.

Get access to a FYAMI certified marketing and technical consultant to assist your business with your marketing and technology goals.

The One package is a monthly subscription package aimed at entrepreneurs, start-ups, those who are self-employed people, contractors, consultants and small businesses.

Business benefits of the One package include gaining access to an demand CTO and on demand CMO, who have both marketing and technology skills and experience. 

The One Package is a monthly subscription package giving entrepreneurs, start-ups, those who are self-employed, contractors, consultants and small businesses access to both marketing and technology expertise for a small monthly fee. This package is likely to be popular within the finance, legal and property sectors.

The average salary of a CMO and CTO is around £100k a year. Businesses can now gain access to a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for a fraction of that cost.

Faye A Eldridge, Managing Director and Founder of FYAMI explains, “the importance of businesses having marketing and technology expertise available when required in this digital world is key. Successful marketing and technology collaboration will help businesses to be more productive, more cyber secure and arguably more profitable.”

Under this scheme you can also gain access to FYAMIs toolkit addons including;

• Online & traditional sales strategy
• Telesales campaign creation & lead generation
• Sales training & upskilling teams
• Digital marketing consultancy & Martech
• Digital transformation
• Web design & app creation
• SEO & Social Media management
• Public Relations, content generation & blogging
• Email marketing including HubSpot management
• Events Management: Webinars, Zoom events, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams.

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