Sales and Marketing Training Richmond, London

FYAMI provides training to businesses looking to improve their sales and marketing. We provide training on social media, demand generation, lead generation strategies, marketing planning, email campaigns, events management and of course, Martech (think, hubspot or mailchimp).

With our strategies you can dramatically improve your marketing and sales results.

We provide the following;

Marketing training, sales training, b2b, b2c sales training social media training, marketing and sales strategy templates including advice on telesales and telemarketing etc.

Training via phone call

  • Inhouse training – we travel to you. We travel globally including to places in Europe, USA and the UAE.
  • One on One training to CEOs, entrepreneurs and directors.
  • Group training
  • Adhoc inhouse training on social media management.
  • The ‘FYAMI CALL ON ME,’ Package. This is a monthly subscription solution where you pay per month and in return you get allocated time to call either the FYAMI founder, Faye Eldridge (or one of our other marketing experts) for advice on sales and marketing. Packages range from 1 call per month of 30 mins to 2 hours per week of call time. 30 min is £75 – If you think that’s expensive then you haven’t been in a situation between losing a deal and adding 50k to your books… It’s valuable time. Ask our clients.

What do you want to achieve from our training?

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