About Fyami

FY•AMI (Meaning) The never-ending hunt for the next breakthrough – for growth.

Curiosity is at the heart of FYAMI. It drives the search for new ideas, new technology and new customers. It drives the relationships forged with every client – getting to know their business and challenges better. But, most of all, it drives growth. Because when curiosity and purpose combine, that’s when progress gets made.

Everything we do always has one main thought in mind, when we are helping our customers, “will it grow your business?”

It sounds a bit cliché but it’s to the point and that’s one of our beliefs – Getting to the point.

At Fyami our team of driven and talented consultants specialise in full marketing and technology solutions for your business.  We believe that the most ambitious and successful businesses need both – Exceptional marketing and exceptional technology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to get businesses more businesses in this technology led digital age.

Our future impact, by Faye, Founder of Fyami.

I believe there is so much talent that is under used, under realised and many young people are struggling to achieve what they are capable of.  My aim with Fyami goes beyond helping businesses to get more business, I want to positively influence people to believe that they can achieve what they want to.  I don’t want young people or anyone to waste their talent. I want them to believe they are capable. This is part of our Fyami culture – To positively impact and influence people whilst we achieve our mission. This means a lot to me. I believe in positive influencing, transparency, diversity, being inquisitive, being tenacious and sharing knowledge. These values are at the heart of Fyami.

Who we work with

Fyami is a Growth consultancy specialising in sales, marketing and technology consulting, based in Kingston, London providing marketing, digital solutions and demand generation to starts ups, entrepreneurs, risk takers, SMEs and larger brand names. Our core focus is across the professional service industries including in technology, cyber security, fintech and financial services who are looking to grow their business.

What makes us different?

Fyami was set by Faye Eldridge who spent many years listening to the sales, marketing and tech challenges that CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners and other C-level executives faced. Faye decided to launch Fyami, a mix of marketing and tech solutions, to enable businesses to overcome these challenges.

Our solutions and consulting services aim to increase the number of opportunities and leads into your business, as well as the quality of these enquiries. We also understand that it’s important to retain clients, so as well as supporting lead generation, we also provide marketing, brand awareness and communication strategies to help to retain clients.

We take the time to listen, to understand you, your business and where you are trying to get to. We make recommendations that are tailored to you. We give authentic, up front and honest advice based on your goals. If we don’t think you should spend your marketing budget on sponsored ad campaigns, then we will tell you. We will only do what we believe will make a difference to your end goal.

We care about your success. We want to be part of your success story. There’s just no point in us being in this business otherwise.

Our Values – Curiosity. Integrity. Positivity.

Our personality – Spirited. Savvy. Personable.

Faye Eldridge founder of Fyami

Faye Eldridge

Founder of Fyami

In Faye’s words;

“…I started in telesales at the age of 17 getting the nation off of dial up and onto proper broadband. No one wanted to have to get off of a phone call so that their kid could use the internet for their homework…. I wasn’t selling broadband as such, I was selling a solution to an annoying problem.I was happy as I was making commission and they (the customers) were happy as they could finally use the phone and the internet at the same time. (no, I am not trying to make you feel old reading this!) It was a win win transaction. That’s what I want to do in business; To create win win situations. To create valuable relationships and to provide transactions that solve issues, providing value.”

Faye is the founder of Fyami and she has over 10+ years’ experience in marketing, demand generation and business development. Most of her career has been spent in the technology, fintech, telecoms & finance sectors, during which time she has worked with and helped start ups, SMEs and blue-chip companies including Thomas Cook, Microsoft, Fortinet, Nokia, Tmobile (EE), Bank of New York, Barclaycard and American Express. Some of these have gone on to win awards and gone from a £1 start up to £m+ turnover.

Faye holds a Master’s Degree in the Creative Economy (Business), awarded by Kingston University and has attended a Strategic Marketing programme at Cambridge University.  Faye holds a project management diploma and an advanced Level 4 Criminology diploma, with a focus on cyber crime, cyber hacking and cyber security. Faye is data protection and data privacy certified, trained in hubspot digital martech software and is a member (MCIM) of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

“…Faye was instrumental in supporting and driving a variety of Marketing & Sales based activities, that helped to grow the Microsoft business…we ran a number of very successful co-hosted events, generated a variety of leads into the business via campaigns and outbound activity and acquired a number of new customers in the process.  Faye is also a very personable and likeable individual who I very much enjoyed working with, and I would welcome the opportunity to do so again in the future….”

Microsoft Testimonial

Marketing Team

Beatrice Del Tosto – Marketing Executive


Beatrice delivers tailored guidance to customers focused on lead generation, social media, marketing, and other areas to build brand awareness and growth for assigned companies. She create unique and innovative blog posts and social media posts for FYAMI and works on business research to advance the efforts of the company. Beatrice has attended the City University of London, CAS business school, (Master of science, Ms degree in Entrepreneurship). She also holds a BA degree in International / global studies. Beatrice has global work experience at Americans for immigrant justice,  the European parliament, the institute for economic affairs, The US trade and develop agency and American Red cross.



Daniele Di Marco – Account Manager and Marketing Support

Daniele supports FYAMI with technology and digital lead generation, communications and relationship building.  Daniele is a qualified NLP practitioner and a public speaker.  He has expertise in B2B, Customer Relationship Management CRM, SAP ERP, SAAS based solutions, business development, account management and customer retention. He has worked at GEFCO and UTC aerospace systems. He has studied mathematics.

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