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Faye Eldridge

Faye is the founder of FYAMI and she has over 10+ year’s experience in marketing and business development. Most of her career has been spent in the Technology & Finance sectors, during which time she has worked with and helped start ups, SMEs and blue-chip companies including Thomas Cook, Microsoft, Fortinet, Nokia, Tmobile (EE), Bank of New York, Barclaycard and American Express.

Faye uses both digital and traditional marketing methods in conjunction with her business insight to help business successfully launch into new markets and grow sales. Faye is passionate about Business, Digital Marketing, Technology, Cyber Security, FinTech, e-commerce and Entrepreneurship. She enjoys working with start-ups, innovative companies and people who take risks and is keen on supporting young people through the UK Apprenticeship scheme.

Faye holds a Masters Degree in (Creative Economy/Business), from Kingston University, attended a Strategic Marketing programme at Cambridge University and is a member of the CIM (MCIM).

Faye has been noted in TechRadar, Bloomberg and had appeared on the radio including Soho Radio London.

Connect with Faye;

"Faye was instrumental in supporting and driving a variety of Marketing & Sales based
activities, that helped to grow the Microsoft….we ran a number of very successful co-hosted
events, generated a variety of leads into the business via campaigns and out bound activity,
and acquired a number of new customers in the process…"

– Microsoft Testimonial.

Our Team of consultants consists off;

  • Freelance business researchers and social media content writers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Blog writers
  • Technical consultants
  • PR Execs
  • Virtual Social Media Content Creators

If you would like to join the team please contact us via our Careers page.